Jacob and Jacob Ice Cream

Built the official website for the organic danish ice cream label Jacob and Jacob Ice Cream.

Go By Luck

A website built for my music project, Go By Luck. The purpose of the site is to share music, updates and other projects.

Tisvildelejemolens venner

A website built for the Tisvildelejemolens Venner F.M.B.A union. The sites purpose was to describe the project, which was about gathering money to built a better coast securing solution for the local town of Tisvilde.


Human Practice Foundation Short Film

I was asked by Human Practice Foundation to travel with them to Nepal and make a short film showcasing their work in the country, while also describing how they separate them selfs and their work from other foundations operating in Nepal.

The whole experience was incredible and it was a hugh honor being able to create these small films from one of the most beautiful, but also most poor countries in the world. 

Bojesen New years Menu Arrangement videos 2014

I made 4 small videos for Bojesen showing how to arrange their New Years Eve meals for 2014.

Bojesen New years Menu Arrangement videos 2015

I made 5 small videos for Bojesen showing how to arrange their New Years Eve meals for 2015.

Bojesen New years Menu Arrangement videos 2013

I made 5 small videos for Bojesen showing how to arrange their New Years Eve meals for 2013.


Different Skies - EP

The second instalment of Go By Luck’s “a Journey” series “Different Skies” takes on the life lived on the road, traveling and exploring different cultures and countries. Each of the tracks on “Different Skies” has their origin in different parts of the world, like Australia, Japan and USA.

Looking Forward to This - EP

The “Looking Forward to This – EP” is the first instalment in the “a Journey” series. The EP touches on the emotions, decisions and excitements that awakens inside Go By Luck’s mind with the choice of leaving what he has behind for a longer period of time, to acquire new experiences, meet new people as well as to learn more about the world and it’s different cultures.

Bed - EP

The third and last installment of Go By Luck's "a Journey" series is titled "Bed", and it's by far the most diverse, experimental and mental EP in the whole serie. The main emotion on "Bed" is the feeling of returning and reuniting with a world, that you have known for most of your life. Your home, your family, your friends and your own bed


My name is Gustav Borch Lutzhøft. I'm 22 and live in London, UK.

Most of my life I have been interested in communication and medias such as music, video, photography, communication, web design and I have fortunately been working with these topics both in private and cooperate environments.